Bodegas Manzanos Haro is crowned at number 1 as the best Haro experience out of 21 proposals. The tourists themselves, with their comments on Tripadvisor, have been in charge of positioning the winery’s wine tourism experience on the podium of things to do in Haro.

Less than a year ago, the winery opened its doors to tourism with a unique experience that covers the history of Haro, wine, its culture and its architecture.

Bodegas Manzanos Haro is the oldest in Rioja, dating from 1801 and its enveloping history is full of anecdotes that surprise the visitor. In addition, Bodegas Manzanos Haro includes a wine tourism complex that includes the Palacio de Tejada, even older, built in 1733 and where visitors are received and houses a wine shop in the heart of Haro, the birthplace of Rioja.

The Bodegas Manzanos Haro proposal is available every day, from Monday to Sunday and is suitable for the whole family. With four hours a day, 365 days a year and with the aim of offering an experience adapted to the smallest members of the family, Bodegas Manzanos Haro has already been crowned the best experience in Haro.