Today we celebrate the launch of DSO, a bold new wine brand that defies convention and redefines the wine experience. DSO, a phonetic acronym for the word “Desire,” is not simply a wine; it is an expression of individuality, a fusion of Spain’s most representative varietals carefully selected to create a unique experience.

DSO Highlights:

  • Rebellious and Uncategorizable:
    DSO presents itself as a rebellious wine, defiant of established norms and categories. It breaks with convention to offer consumers an authentic and unrestricted experience.
  • Dual Identity:
    DSO is distinguished by its dual identity, presenting two different labels: one for women and one for men. This innovative choice reflects the duality of life and the diversity of tastes, encouraging consumers to choose according to their own desire.
  • Selection of Emblematic Varieties:
    Sourced from the best grapes of Spain’s most representative varietals, DSO guarantees exceptional quality in every sip. The careful selection of grapes brings complexity and character to the wine.
  • Provocative slogan:
    “And you, what do you wish for?” is DSO’s provocative slogan, inviting consumers to reflect on their individual preferences and desires. It is more than a wine; it is an invitation to enjoy without restrictions.
  • Modern and Sophisticated Image:
    The brand presents a modern and sophisticated image, full of mystery. From label design to packaging, DSO seeks to captivate younger consumers, who are looking for authentic and exciting experiences.
  • International focus:
    DSO is not limited by borders. With the ambition to break into the national and international market, the brand seeks to connect with wine lovers from all over the world who are looking for something different and exciting.

DSO comes to the market with the firm conviction that wine should not be limited to predefined labels and categories. It is a statement of freedom and a reminder that true pleasure lies in following one’s own desires.