The 2019 Harvest in Manzanos Wines is approaching

Within one week, probably, moving forward in respect to 2018, Bodegas Manzanos which has various vineyards distributed throughout all of the subzones of DOCa Rioja and DO Navarra, is confronting a harvest with an optimally healthy state and flattering perspectives.

The technical director and enologist of Manzanos Wines, Borja Ripa, has realized, that it is very soon to decide the start of the harvest, but has estimated that it will begin around the 26th of August, which is one week earlier than in 2018 with the harvest of the tempranillo blanco, viura and chardonnay.

He told in detail that the current healthy state of the vineyard is “very good and that “no problems involving mildew or odium are anticipated,” although the quantity of grapes expected “is less”, which in principle means it can be a year in Rioja “of higher quality.”

But as Borja Ripa has suggested, “it is still soon to speak about quality” and that the months of August and September are “determinants” and “the weather can change”, but nonetheless he has indicated, “the expectations are interesting.”

In the most ideal situation, he designated, is that “the temperatures will moderate, starting to be colder at night, and that there is some kind of concrete storm, so that the plant is hydrated, but without excessive rain.” The “little amount of rain” that fell last week, he added, “has been very good for the ripening phase” and has been “just right” in order to maintain the freshness of the grape, above all the white varieties, where we will begin the harvest with those within the upcoming days.

Bodegas Manzanos, Borja Ripa and all of the team have everything prepared to face long and hard-working days in order to obtain quality future wines, just as we have been doing in the last years, being internationally recognized.