A reduced harvest that means more quality.

Bodegas Manzanos closed the vintage 2019 with satisfaction thanks to the very good quality obtained despite the difficulties of the third week of September, and, as announced from the beginning, with lesser quantity compared to other vintages.

According to Borja Ripa, 2019 crop production was 25% lower than last year, and that is a guarantee of quality.

Ripa considers this 2019 a great vintage that it was a harvest to risk, as we have done in Bodegas Manzanos, which will allow us to obtain extraordinary wines. Borja remembers that it has been a dry year and that thanks to the weather and a great work on the field, we have achieved a better health of the grapes than previous years.

The harvest this year in Bodegas Manzanos has been very selective, interpreting the vineyards of the different areas in which we are present in the DOCa Rioja in an appropriate and proportionate way to obtain quality wines. Borja adds: “the interpretation of the vineyards with an extraordinary quality of grapes has been key to get the maximum expression of each one of them”.

The technical director of Bodegas Manzanos concludes by saying, “Small berries, better health, concentration in wines, moderately higher alcohol grade are features that will define the 2019 vintage and that will give high quality reds and whites”. “It is one of the few harvests of the last years that have been staggered depending on the different areas, which is very interesting”. Borja is convinced that the differences between wines of different areas will be more marked this vintage, something that can be very interesting for consumers too.

Bodegas Manzanos concludes that our wines of 2019 vintage will be wines to lay down, juicy, tasty, ripe and full-bodied.