Bodegas Manzanos is a family company with a rich history whose evolution is a reflection of its ability to adapt to change. Since the fifth generation assumed leadership in 2010, the winery has experienced a boost that has led it to market its wines in more than 70 countries around the world.

Laura Mateo, marketing manager at Bodegas Manzanos, explains that they have always seen crises as an opportunity: “wine is facing many challenges derived from the global political and economic situation that, in addition, have been aggravated by the size of the sector in our country and in the world. We experience challenges as opportunities to do things, learn and grow,” he explains.

Bodegas Manzanos sells 10 million bottles of wine annually in 70 countries around the world

The winery’s actions as a result of the pandemic are framed in this context. “It’s been more than three years since the world changed, and that change was full of uncertainty and accompanied by events that led to the most catastrophic pessimism,” explains Mateo. “Some businesses were able to remain spectators, but others had to innovate in capital letters. For us, Innovating is not just buying technology that helps us improve processes or lighten the structure; at that time, innovating was, above all, being able to quickly modify the strategy and act to change our operation. Today, three years later, we remain convinced of that way of acting.”

A historic winery and a geographical leap

With wineries strategically located in Haro, Azagra and Campanas, the company sells more than 10 million bottles annually. Its catalog stands out for the preeminence of wines with DOC Rioja and DO Navarra (its wineries being the oldest in both denominations), to which it also adds Cavas and wines with DO Ribera del Duero and Ribera del Guadiana.

The company opted to create its own structure in the United States to promote its internationalization

Bodegas Manzanos combines its traditional structure in Spain with a direct presence in the United States, the main consequence of the changes implemented as a result of the pandemic. The change, as explained by those responsible, “was not easy, since we went from having a team in the winery to establishing one in a large and unknown country in bureaucratic and legal terms.” However, the management of Bodegas Manzanos is convinced that they have made the right decision.

Differential quality

One of the differentiating features of Bodegas Manzanos is that they have always avoided competing solely on the basis of price to do so based on the quality and added value that their wines offer. In this sense, Laura Mateo explains that internationalization is a card that has a long way to go: “Spain still has a long way to go in terms of the internationalization of our wines. It is up to us to make an effort to make them known to audiences that still “They do not enjoy them so that they can gain share in incipient markets, on the one hand, and by increasing prices and quality en masse in already consolidated markets, on the other.”

The result of this commitment to quality has brought with it a multitude of recognitions for its wines. Thus, so far this year, Bodegas Manzanos has obtained 126 awards and 118 of its wines have been rated above 90 points in recognized publications such as Mundus Vini, Decanter, Guía Peñin, Guía Gourmet, James Suckling, Wine Spectator or Wine Enthusiast. This latest North American magazine, number one reference in the wine sector, has placed 17 wines from Bodegas Manzanos among the 50 best in the DO Navarra, scoring two of its products with 93 points.

International recognition

Bodegas Manzanos has been awarded at the VIII Alimenta Navarra Awards, organized by Navarra Capital and the Navarra Agri-Food Cluster (NAGRIFOOD). The company has received the award in the Internationalization category, a recognition that highlights the winery’s commitment to opening a subsidiary in the United States three years ago.

Wine tourism, recognized by users

One of the distinctive elements of Bodegas Manzanos is its commitment to wine tourism. Thousands of Tripadvisor users have recognized the winery as the main attraction in Haro, the birthplace of Rioja. In addition, its facilities have been awarded the Travelers’ Choice 2023 award, a distinction awarded only to the 10% of the experiences most valued by users worldwide.