Manzanos Wines Festival 2019

At the end of July, the Manzanos Wine group celebrated its fourth edition of the Manzanos Wine Festival, a biannual event that intends to bring the wine culture closer to society through a festival that combines and highlights local gastronomy and the most current music groups. This year we celebrated it in the city of Donostia/San Sebastián, a city known worldwide for its beauty, gastronomy and quality of life.

It took place in one of the most distinguished locations of the city, in the gardens of Alderdi Eder right next to the city hall, entirely on Paseo de La Concha of San Sebastián, in which the stands were installed that provided spaces for tastings of the best wines from the Manzanos Wines group along with the distinctive gastronomic selections from the city where the music groups and DJs livened the evening.

That Saturday, July 20th, between sun and clouds and a very pleasant temperature, around 5.000 people gathered in the space, and among the attendees were clients, friends, families, tourists that passed by the area… everyone was welcomed to a relaxed atmosphere and a party one as well where people danced all throughout the day up until midnight. 

During the event one was able to enjoy music and traditional dancing from the area, the most current music groups, in addition to an exposition with the latest models of the automobile company Porsche, who delighted those people who have a passion for the engine. 

Manzanos Wine Festival is a very innovative concept, that continued from the 5th generation of the Fernández de Manzanos family in order to give an understanding of the mission of Manzanos Wines, which is “to create moments of happiness and that we all associate a bottle of Manzanos with a moment of celebration of life”.

Let’s cheers with a glass of Manzanos wine for the success of this IV edition of the festival as we begin to prepare with desire and excitement for the V edition in 2021.

See you again soon!