Manzanos Music was born with a clear mission: to create moments of celebration of life.

The importance of the soundtrack in a film is what music has in our lives. It accompanies us, helps us tell, transmit and express our deepest emotions. It has the gift of resetting, relaxing and making you dream. Sometimes his message reaches us deep inside, we identify with the experiences he narrates and with the poetry of his messages. Other times she is the only companion we want. And it is also in the background when we travel, play sports, work or rest. Music is the most democratic art, it is easily accessible and there is something for all tastes. Life without music would be totally different. We believe in music and its therapeutic, healing and transformative role. Music is like air: you need it to live.

We believe in celebrating life, in the here and now and in stopping and realizing that life is what we do today and not what we plan for tomorrow. Therefore, celebrate it and create occasions to sing and dance and share what we are today.

With the purpose of creating moments of celebration of life, we have created our #FestivalGranReserva.


Address: Ctra. NA 134 – Km. 49
31560 Azagra (Navarra) ESPAÑA
Phone: (+34) 948 692 500
Email: info@manzanos.com


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