Finca Manzanos, the prestigious wine brand of Bodegas Manzanos that pays tribute to the rich winemaking heritage of the Fernández de Manzanos family, is proud to present a captivating restyling of its label, fusing contemporary elegance with the essence rooted in winemaking tradition.

The history of Finca Manzanos dates back to the fourth generation of the Fernández de Manzanos family, who, in honor of the winery built on a family estate, gave life to a brand that has conquered key international markets, including the United Kingdom, Central Europe and China.

The new label design represents not only a visual evolution, but also a tribute to the symbolic value embodied in the brand. The transformation reflects the family’s dedication to quality and excellence, fusing modernity with the deep ties to the land and history that characterize Finca Manzanos.

Restyling Highlights:

  • Modern Elegance:
    The redesigned label incorporates modern design elements that highlight sophistication and innovation, while maintaining the classic essence that has characterized Finca Manzanos over the years.
  • Symbols of Tradition:
    The restyling includes symbols and details that pay homage to the family’s rich winemaking tradition, connecting past and present in a harmonious way.
  • Multitude of Readings:
    The new label invites a rich and multifaceted visual and tactile experience, with details that reveal different readings as its elements are explored. Each aspect tells a part of the Finca Manzanos story.
  • International Focus:
    With key international markets such as the UK, Central Europe and China, the restyling aims to captivate global customers, adapting to market trends and highlighting the quality and authenticity of Finca Manzanos.

The Fernández de Manzanos family is excited about this new chapter in the history of Finca Manzanos. With the combination of rich tradition and contemporary design, the brand seeks to seduce its loyal customers and attract new wine lovers around the world.

Finca Manzanos remains committed to winemaking excellence, and the restyling of the label is a testament to its dedication to quality and creating unforgettable experiences for wine lovers.