His name is Eduardo Echarri and he is the winner of the raffle organized by Bodegas Manzanos whose prize consisted of a Porsche Macán or 50,000 euros in kind. To participate in the draw, all you had to do was buy some of the Bodegas Manzanos wines that participated in the draw (they were identified with a bottle collar), take note of the code that came on the inside of the cork and, together with the number of the strip of the regulatory council that comes on the bottle, enter them along with your personal data on the web page created specifically for this purpose. There were as many opportunities to participate as bottles purchased. Some of the winery’s best-known brands took part in the draw, including Siglo and Berceo from Rioja or Las Campanas from Navarra.

The draw was carried out by the notary Ángel Ruiz Fernández of San Adrián, Navarra, and the winner has already made his decision: he gets the Porsche Macán. The delivery of the car will take place on January 4 at the facilities of Bodegas Manzanos and the winner will be accompanied by his friends at the celebration.