Porsche Pamplona
Centro Porsche Pamplona is the official Porsche dealership for Navarra, La Rioja, Guipúzcoa and Álava states

Manzanos has purchased this business as part of its sectorial diversification strategy. The dealership has an exhibition area, service, body and painting shop.

It now has more than 25 years of experience offering unique experiences in the purchase and delivery of a Porsche. The building, renovated and expanded in 2012 has now 1200 square metres of exhibition of new and used cars, and more than 2500 square metres for service, maintenance and repair workshops.
We have also highly qualified workers in our team and after-sales service to get the optimal maintenance in both new and classic cars. Porsche has always used original pieces to maintain the authenticity and exclusivity of our vehicles.


Address: Polígono Industrial Talluntxe, 1 Calle A, 38-40 – 31110 Noain (Navarra)
Phone: (+34) 948 290 499
Fax: (+34) 948 692 700
E-mail: ventasporsche@hansteinsa.com
Web: www.porschepamplona.com


Almost three years after acquiring the Porsche Pamplona Center, the company wanted to expand and continue to consolidate its areas of influence such as La Rioja, Navarra, Burgos, Guipúzcoa, Álava and its surrounding areas.

Precisely in Álava is where this official mechanical workshop is located, whose mission is to bring the dealership closer to customers and make the day to day of their Porsche experience more comfortable, accessible and rewarding.

Not only Porsche customers can go to these centers and official workshops, but both in Pamplona where service is provided in mechanics, sheet metal and painting as in Vitoria, where there is a mechanics workshop, any customer who wants to receive a maximum service quality and efficiency can go with your vehicle.


Address: C/ Eibar, 2 – 01013 (Vitoria)
Phone: (+34) 945 282 661
Fax: (+34) 945 203 468
E-mail: info@servicioporsche-vitoria.com
Web: www.servicioporsche-vitoria.com



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