Ñ Peñaclara

Peñaclara offers its most local range of products. This range is written with the Spanish letter Ñ, and uses an avant-garde design to offer great quality water.

Peñaclara has been trying to respond to the client´s needs by differentiating itself from its direct competence ever since the water coming from this spring was declared “water of public utility”, in 1861.

Peñaclara has combined the ancient air of the natural spring with the purity of the water coming from the inside of this spring, in order to show the perfect balance existing between its mineral components. It got inspiration from that Ñ only existing in Spanish language and also present in the name of the State´s capital: Logroño.

It is clear for Peñaclara that most of the quality of its products comes from the environment in which its activity is developed. Because of this reason, the design of these new bottles is inspired in the entrance of the spring, alongside the famous Ñ.


Address: Carretera Logroño-soria, S/N, Peñaclara, 26100 Torrecilla en Cameros (La Rioja)
Phone: (+34) 941 46 00 29
Fax: (+34) 941 46 02 95
E-mail: info@mineraqua.com
Web: www.es.penaclarawater.com


Ñ Peñaclara
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